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5 proven lessons for long-term weight loss

These are the EXACT same 5 lessons I used to lose 160+ pounds by eating what I want (and maintaining that loss for 8 years and counting).

Want to

stop dieting and start living?

feel comfortable in your body?

create a life that matters to you?

It's absolutely possible. Let me show you how.



Start Where You Are Weight Loss

If you’ve ever been afraid of food, felt ashamed of your body’s size, been on a diet or lots of diets that didn’t work out for you in the end, felt trapped by eating guidelines, and/or given up on trying to lose weight, know this:

You are not alone.



Start Where You Are Weight Loss Playbook

A companion to the Start Where You Are Weight Loss book, this playbook provides you with opportunities to explore your motivations, record your thoughts, work through what’s got you challenged in your life, reveal your gifts/talents, as well as create a plan to guide you into becoming the person you most want to be.

“I have lost 25 pounds [so far]. I am stopping the dieting cycle and I’m beginning to confront my issues with food. I now have faith I can reach my goals to have a better future and life.”


“It's like Shelli is in my head writing to ME...saying exactly what I've believed about myself and sharing exactly what I need to do to get out of abusing myself with food. Just when I think it could not get better...it does. Every chapter is rich. Rich in awareness, compassion, and no-nonsense advice.”


“I read Shelli's book in three days. I've struggled with my weight all my life. I know this book is the answer. It gives me hope.”


“I often said to myself, ‘The problem is not what, how, when I eat. It’s ALL in the head. How do I fix that?’ Shelli’s book showed me EXACTLY how. I’ve come to believe that the actual food doesn’t matter at all. Fix what’s in your head and the weight will come off by itself, as Shelli so aptly explained.”


“I'm so thankful for this book. It's setting me free.”


“I absolutely love Shelli’s book, and I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of wisdom from it. It's not a diet book. It's about healing your relationship with food and with yourself. I wish I’d have known all of this when I was a teenager. I’m so excited to be on this journey now. I finally have hope.”


“Reading this is like having a best friend who has been there and knows exactly what to do to help you get out. No judgment. No shame. Just the encouragement and guidance you need.”


“Shelli is the real deal. Her book is the real deal. Reading it reminds me that I am the real deal too.”


“The best/most helpful book I have ever read. I have a hard copy and the companion workbook. I highlight passages [and] write notes all over it. This is the only solution that works long-term.”



Writer & Weight-Loss Expert

For decades, I was a yo-yo dieter with an eating disorder — weighing over 300 pounds at my heaviest. Then about ten years ago I'd had enough. Enough with diets and food rules that were making me feel crazed. Enough of losing weight only to gain it back. And enough of the shame that came along with what I perceived as a personal failure to keep the weight off.

Since then, I have shed over 160 pounds and maintained that weight loss for more than eight years. I no longer have a fear of food, gaining the weight back, or being seen.


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Get off the diet-go-round.


Download a free guide with the 5 lessons for effective weight loss

and free yourself from diets forever.

Get off the diet-go-round.

Download a free guide with the 5 lessons for effective weight loss

and free yourself from diets forever.

Get off the diet-go-round.

Download a free guide with the 5 lessons for effective weight loss

and free yourself from diets forever.

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