10 Things To Do Instead Of Worrying

So last week’s post was about why you need to stop worrying. You know, we all need a day off. That includes a day off from worrying. Here’s a list (inspired by another lovely blogger, Amy Young Miller) of some things you could choose to do instead.



1. Make a list. Write down your worries. Underneath them, write down possible solutions. That way you have a plan if whatever you’re worrying about comes to pass. Then keep that list somewhere handy (but not where you can see it every day) & decide to stop worrying about what’s on it.


A lot more fun:

2. Be a zombie. Lurch around your neighborhood. Holler that you want to “EAT BRAAAAAAAAAAAINS!” Chase and scare small children (unless, of course, it’s the 18-month-old who lives nearby & doesn’t care that you’re a zombie so he runs up to give you a hug). Do all this with a ninja by your side.


3. Go plant something so you can watch it grow. Dig in the dirt. Get messy.


4. Photobomb someone else’s picture. Preferably someone you know.


5. Try something new. Even better, try something you’ve always wanted to do. This is my very first silk-flower arrangement.


6. Hug somebody. Even if you have to chase them down to do it.


7. Make your favorite thing to eat/drink. Then sit down and savor it. My new favorite drink, a salted caramel latte, is stunningly delicious & pictured above (recipe coming soon).


8. Walk barefoot through the grass. Go slow and notice everything. Even better, take a camera along and shoot some pictures.


9. Take a nap. Even better, take a nap outside on a hammock.


10. Drive something really fast. I mean REALLY fast.


So what will you do instead of worrying?

8 thoughts on “10 Things To Do Instead Of Worrying”

  1. Oh, I do love you Shelli. I love it that my own list inspired this beautiful list. (I hope this catches on!) Your list just caused me to take a big deep breath and SMILE. Blessings, sweet lady!

    1. Hi lovely Amy!

      I love you, too, doll. And yes, your list was right there on a day I needed it most so thank you for that. I went out & shot pictures, which always makes me feel better. 🙂 Deep breath & smile, glad I could help you do that. I need to do that myself more often. Blessings right back!

  2. Thanks for sharing this funny, lighthearted list of practical alternatives to worry in this delightful post, Shelli. 😀
    I get the impression you enjoyed writing it.

    1. Hi Rich!

      You are welcome! Yes, worry is so useless. You might as well go out & have some fun instead. 🙂 I had a great time writing it & shooting pictures for it. Have a great week, my friend. *hugs* to you.

  3. Begone, worry! The best answer to worry is definitely keeping busy doing something. Here in desert Arizona I have been working on rejuvenating my pond to displace worry. It will ultimately be a sanctuary to help me write, but as a bonus in the meantime I get to relieve stress and regain focus which helps me write, too. Win, win.

    1. Hi Richard! *waves*

      A pond sounds so lovely, especially as a place to calm down & write. I’m so glad you’re enjoying building it & it’s helping you to focus. Win, win, for sure. Have a great week! 🙂

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