3 Reasons You Need To Be Led By Your Intuition


Your intuition is that source of wisdom inside you. Sometimes it’s words in your mind like a voice speaking to you. It’ll say things like: Take this path. Don’t go down that road. Do this thing. Watch out for that thing. And on it goes. Sometimes it’s a feeling, often nagging, that you should be going in a certain direction, doing a certain thing. You’ll know it when you hear/feel it. Sometimes you won’t want to hear/feel it, you won’t want to know what it’s telling you to do. But still, your intuition will be there, showing you what you need to do to get to where you most want to be.

Here’s why you need to let your intuition guide you:

1. To keep yourself safe.

Your intuition will act as a kind of lighthouse if you’ll just let it. It’ll be a beacon and guide you toward those people/places/things that will best help you move forward and thrive. Introduce yourself to that person. Move across the country. Invest in that training. And on it goes. You’ll do yourself a kindness (oh, the frustration you will save yourself) if you’ll just listen to your intuition and do what it says the first time.

It’ll also act as an early warning system, shining a light on those people/places/things that will cause you harm. Don’t date him/her. Get out of here, you don’t belong here. Give that up and let it go. And on it goes, too. You’ll do yourself a kindness (oh, the heartache you will save yourself) if you’ll just listen to your intuition and do what it says the first time.

2. To make yourself happy.

All the answers you need really are inside of you. Want to know what makes you happy? What your passion is? What you need to do to fix what feels so wrong? How to create a life that makes you excited every day? Your intuition will tell you if you’ll just listen. It’ll tell you what feels lacking in you. It’ll also tell you how to fix that. It’ll tell you what you most need to have/be/do/say to bring yourself joy.

Joy is what makes life worth living. A lot of us (yes, my hand is raised) sometimes deny ourselves joy. (Read why and how to quit it here.) Your intuition, fortunately, will never give up on you either. So even if you try to deny yourself happiness, your intuition will keep after you (quiet at first, then louder, then hollering, then howling like a marching band) until you finally either: 1. choose to listen to it and do what it says or 2. drown it out by abusing some substance/behavior. Do yourself a kindness (because happiness is what you want anyway): choose to listen to your intuition and do what it says the first time.

3. To fulfill your purpose.

If you question your purpose in this life, your intuition has the answer. What do you want to be doing with your life? What do you have to offer? What are you a genius at? What are your gifts and talents? Well, you actually already know all the answers to those questions. And if you’ll just be open to listening for your intuition, you’ll learn just who you are and what, exactly, you want. You’ll find out in which direction you want to be going, what you need to do to get yourself where you want to be, and how to trust yourself implicitly. (And it’s the self-trust you need to strengthen if you want to ensure your success.)

I happen to believe that we all have a reason for being alive. Me. You. Everybody. And it’s your job in this lifetime to figure out what it is, to nourish it and help it grow, and then to share it with the world. But you won’t ever find out what that purpose is if you’re not listening to your own self, and more specifically to that quiet (not chaotic) voice/feeling of your intuition.


So will you let yourself be led by your intuition today (and every day from now on)?


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