5 Reasons Why You Need To Make a ONE WILD LIFE List

A One Wild Life list (read mine here) is simply a list of anything you want to do while you’re still around. It’s filled with things you most want to have/be/do/say, and it’s meant to help you clarify what matters to you. Here’s why you should make one too:

Me in Edinburgh, Scotland

1. Time is fleeting.

When was the last time you said you’d get to something and then you look up and it’s an hour/day/week/month/year later? Yeah, I’ll get around to it is nebulous and undefined. Do yourself a kindness: honor and respect yourself enough to make a life that matters to you.

Meditate Daily, which for me is coffee on my back porch.

2. There are no guarantees.

Life happens without asking your permission first. What you fear the most can befall you at any time, even in your comfort zone. A simple event can change the trajectory of your life forever. There really is no guarantee of either comfort or safety, and since that’s true, why not get busy doing something you’d love to do?

Write a Self-Help Book – I wrote nine.

3. Your life is finite.

There’s just not that kind of time to sit around waiting for permission or the right time or the fear to ease or [insert your reason for not making yourself a priority here]. You exchange your life for what you do with your time. Since you’re going to be something with your time, why not do something you really want to do?

Learn a Martial Art – I train in Krav Maga.

4. Find what fulfills you.

It really is true that where your heart is, that’s where your treasure will be. Instead of looking at what’s lacking in your life, you could be enjoying what’s fulfilling. All of us need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Once you start doing things that fill that part of you that feels lacking/missing, you will find that reason and your entire outlook will shift for the better.

Say Yes to 7 New Things – I’m learning how to box and be a fighter.

5. Your happiness is your responsibility.

There’s only one life in this world you can save and that’s your own. You know yourself best (yes, you do). You know what you need to make you happy (even if the thought of it scares you). And since you must save yourself, why not seek out those people, places, and/or things that will heal you and bring you joy?


So will you make your own One Wild Life list today?


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