Visit Sydney, London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Athens, Hong Kong, Beijing, Honolulu, Geneva, Tokyo, Edinburgh, Berlin, Cairo, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin, Belfast, Moscow | Live in a beach house | Finish novel two, novel three, novel four, novel five | Do a residency at Hedgebrook | Ask myself every day what I’m going to do with my one wild & precious life | Win the National Book Award | Own a motorcycle | Get a tattoo | Learn to shoot a gun | Write a self-help book | Organize my pictures | Ride on a camel & on an elephant | Write a literary zombie novel | Take a cruise | Ride horses on the beach in the surf | Visit Hawaii & Alaska | Take an RV trip across the USA | Listen to that still small voice every single time | Learn patience | Learn a martial art | Donate a million bucks to charity | Support myself through my writing | Pay attention, be amazed, blog about it | Learn to scuba dive & to surf | Have my own YouTube channel | Go on an overnight backpacking hike | Be part of a war reenactment | Go on safari in Africa | Be on the cover of a magazine | Sleep on a sailboat | Relearn French & visit my friends in France | Act in a play | Write a play | Run a successful corporation | Ride in a helicopter | Be a zombie in a TV/movie/play/production | Have a career that makes me feel like home | Learn how to make gourmet brownies | Write a bestseller | Go to a Panthers/Steelers game | Try 7 new foods | Choose faith, not fear | Learn to throw pottery on a wheel | Remember some of the best things in life are cheap or free | Win the Nobel Prize for Literature | Wake up every day excited about my life | See some of the wonders of the world (Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Colosseum, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Aurora Borealis, Great Barrier Reef) | Write an article for Oprah magazine | Be part of a giant snowball fight | Always look for the window that’s open if the door is closed | Go on a boat ride in Venice | See a Shakespeare play in Greece | Wear a size 2 | Learn how a movie is made | Inspire myself and others to live boldly | Design a fragrance | Never lose hope | Design jewelry | Learn how to do a podcast | Win a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction | Get paid what I’m worth | Go parasailing & hang gliding | Spend a week being pampered at a spa | Learn to take pictures like a pro | Have an online school | Learn to shoot pool like a pro | Create an app | Write a song | Always remember the wrong question is why? and the right question is what? | Change what I believe about money | Get a pug | Watch a foal being born | Take a hot-air balloon ride | Learn how to do a webinar | Go on a tour of old churches in Europe, including the Sistine chapel | Have one of my novels picked for Oprah's Book Club | Do a little something every day that scares me | Learn to play poker like a pro | Be part of a giant paintball fight | Swim with dolphins | Write every single day like no one’s reading | Make my own rules | See the Earth from outer space | Be debt-free | Surrender all | Stop caring what other people think | Clean my attic and donate all the money to charity | Be a millionaire | Say yes to 7 new things: 1. Learn how to box and be a fighter | Design a greeting card | Write a ghost story | Hike the Grand Canyon | Make a giant snowman with my boys | Be a model | Listen to my heart every single time | Write a horror novel | Invent something | Create my life the way I want it to be | Write a book of essays | Come up with 25 new crock-pot recipes: 1. Decadent Homemade Hot Chocolate 2. Hearty Bean & Ham Soup 3. Homestyle Mac & Cheese 4. Salted Caramel Latte Love Potion 5. The. Best. Chicken. Noodle. Soup. Ever. Period. 6. Kickin' Carolina Cheesesteak | Buy a little black dress | Have a professional family portrait taken | Live in an old apartment in Europe | Save $20,000 in one year | Learn how to make a wedding cake | Zipline through a canopy | Own a coffee shop | Remember it’s never too late & never give up

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