Restaurant-Style Fettucini Alfredo

By Shelli Johnson | Jul 17, 2011

How hard is it to find a decent alfredo sauce at the store?  Impossible, I think.  I’ve tried.  This recipe makes alfredo sauce that tastes like you got it at an Italian restaurant, and it only takes you about 5 minutes prep time and 45 minutes to cook. Costs about $12. Feeds about 6, maybe 8, …

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Ridiculously Easy Pulled Pork

By Shelli Johnson | Jun 18, 2011

So this one is easy, easy, easy. It’ll probably take you all of 15 minutes to put together. Depending on how much each person eats, it’ll feed 6-8 people. Cost is less than $20, the majority of that is for the pork. You’ll need: 5-6 pounds pork roast or pork ribs (boneless is easier, but …

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Award-Winning Chili

By Shelli Johnson | May 7, 2011

This chili recipe won at a chili cook-off where I used to work.  Granted, there were only about a dozen entries.  And I knew all the judges and worked closely with one of them, but still . . . an award!  This recipe got a little gold trophy (plastic and fit in the palm of your …

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