How to Have Miraculous, Heart-Pounding Things Happen in Your Life

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One Wild Life: Be on the cover of a magazine

Step One: Figure out what you really want & write it down

I’m a big believer that you can’t get what you want if you don’t know what that is. Nebulous and undefined is not a roadmap. So I started this One Wild Life list. (Here’s how to make your own.) It’s filled with all kinds of things I want to do/experience while I’m still around.

For some of them, they were easy and I knew I could pull them off without much of a problem (buy a plane ticket, finish the work, play with ingredients in the kitchen, etc.).

But for others, I added to them to the list because I knew I wanted them even if I didn’t have any idea how I would get them. It didn’t matter to me how “impossible” they felt; all that mattered was that I wanted them for my life, so that was reason enough to include them.

Step Two: Say Yes

If you want to have miraculous, heart-pounding things happen in your life, you’re going to have to say yes. There’s no way around it. The minute you say no, well, your journey down that particular path ends.

Take heart if you’ve said no: you can always change your mind and say yes again. And once you do, your journey down that path will begin again.

Step Three: Step out in faith

Stepping out in faith doesn’t require you to be fearless. It only requires two things:

  • You to be open and willing. Nothing new can come into your life when you’re closed off to it (see Step Two above).
  • You take a single step in the direction that you want to go. So take a deep breath, grab someone’s hand if you need to, and take a step out of your comfort zone.
Shelli Johnson One Wild Life Wear Size 2
One Wild Life: Wear a size 2

Step Four: Keep going

Fear is the number one reason that people don’t go after what they most want to have/be/do/say. It’s the reason that people back down and say no and tuck themselves deep inside their comfort zones. It’s also the reason that people live lives that are unsatisfying to them.

To overcome fear requires one thing:

  • You keep going. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go. The only thing that matters is that you keep moving through the fear and you don’t stop. If you’ll just do that, you’ll come out victorious on the other side.

Step Five: Trust yourself

When you trust yourself, you will keep you moving forward no matter what gets thrown at you because you’ve got a rock-solid foundation (yourself).

  • Trust you know what you most want.
  • Trust you know what you need to do to get it.
  • Trust you can handle whatever comes your way because you are strong, tenacious, intelligent, brave, and more than capable of saving your own life.

Step Six: Trust the universe

There is some kind of force out there that makes things happen that you, yourself, couldn’t do. That force makes everything align so that:

  • opportunities come your way
  • people with expertise, encouragement, connections, etc. come into your life
  • you get what you need (money, guidance, support, etc.) when you most need it
  • and on the list goes.

I believe wholeheartedly that some kind of force exists because I’ve seen it work too many times in my life not to. Thing is, you’ve got to be moving and taking action in the direction you want to go for that kind of aligning magic to happen.

So trust and believe that the universe wants good things for you. Once you wholeheartedly believe that—the universe is a friendly place that wants me to succeed—well, that is the story you will live out in your life and you’ll find yourself getting opportunities that you, alone, couldn’t pull off.


One Wild Life: Be a model

All the pictures above are things I put on my One Wild Life list that felt “impossible” when I added them but became real for me.

My weight-loss journey & how it can help you on yours

If you want to read more about my weight-loss journey and all the miraculous, heart-pounding things that have happened since I said yes—and how that can happen in your life toopick up my books:

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Get off the diet-go-round.

Get on with your life.

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Get off the diet-go-round.

Get on with your life.

Get off the diet-go-round.

Get on with your life.

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