Reader Challenge: Share Some Kindness With A Freebie

Share Some Kindness


So not too long ago I was on the receiving end of some scathing criticism. My first reaction, same as a lot of us tend to do, was to absorb that criticism into my heart.

Your brain is always trying to protect you (even if it doesn’t feel like it)

A therapist friend of mine once told me that our brains are hardwired to pay attention to and remember the negatives that people say about us. It’s a safety mechanism, she said, because it’s the negative stuff that can hurt you. So remembering the harsh criticisms is actually meant to keep you from harm (because you likely won’t put yourself in that same situation again).

That same friend said it also takes at least 5 positives to counteract a single negative, which is why you need to take excellent care of yourself and speak strength to yourself when someone is laying into you about what they perceive are your flaws.

You get to choose (like the proverb says): let go or be dragged

After I took a few minutes to think about that exchange, I decided to lean into compassion:

  • for the person criticizing me: she must be going through a rough time to lash out like that.
  • and also for me: I did my best and that’s all I can do.

So I let that criticism go.

Then I went on a long trail ride on my buddy, Cinch. There’s nothing like a horse and a gorgeous fall day in the woods to fix whatever ails you.



You are the best friend you’ll ever have, so have your own back

You’ve probably had negative things said to or about you. Don’t take them into your heart.  If you’re hanging onto something negative, mulling it over in your mind, wondering if they are right about you, well, do yourself a kindness:

  • learn from it (if there’s something constructive to be had)
  • then let it go
  • and go do something nourishing for yourself that’ll make you feel connected and alive.

Remember: the most important thing, always, is what you think and believe about yourself.



I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it here again: kindness seems to be in short supply in the world today. Kindness towards others, sure. But also, kindness toward yourself. Self-compassion is what you most need to heal yourself. Compassion for others is what’ll help heal the world.

You honestly have no idea exactly what someone is going through on any given day. A simple act of kindness really can change someone’s entire outlook on life for the better. (Note: an act of kindness toward yourself can do the same, too.) So with that in mind, I’ve designed four images that you can print, cut out, and share a bit of kindness with someone else (Get them here).

I hope you’ll do this share some kindness challenge and:

  1. Pick four people whose day you want to brighten.
  2. Write one thing (or more than one!) on the back about what you appreciate about that person and/or the reason you’re grateful for them being in your life.
  3. Give that card to them.
  4. You can also use one of those cards for yourself to write things you’re grateful for in your life.

Maybe it sounds like a mountain to climb, but I love a good challenge, so let’s all try to make the world a friendlier place. And if you have any other suggestions on how to do that, please leave a comment below.

Let’s see what we can do to share some kindness.


4 thoughts on “Reader Challenge: Share Some Kindness With A Freebie”

  1. Hi Shelli!
    I just “found” you and am so inspired, that I’m buying your book to help me FINALLY get on the path I should have been on years ago (with my eating). I wish I had known what to do about my weight in MY 30’s, but I’m almost 64 and am just now learning about intuitive eating. This certainly would have been a god-send long ago for me. But- better late than never!

    I love this kindness idea and am going to exactly what you asked us to do. I think I’ll print out more than one sheet of cards, as I have so many awesome people in my life who could use a “boost”- couldn’t we all??!! Thank you for this printout!


    1. Hi Donna!

      Thank you so much for buying the book. You made me smile this evening. ? You know, it’s absolutely never too late to start . . . and that includes anything. Intuitive eating is what saved me from the dieting craziness, and I have no doubt that it will do the same for you.

      I’m so glad that you’re going to spread a little kindness. I know you’ll bring some smiles and happiness to whoever you give them to.

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