The Perils Of Not Acting Upon Your Intuition


There’s a wisdom inside you that’ll guide you if you just let it. It knows the answers to all the questions you have. It knows what your passion is, what’s best for you, who you most want to be. It knows how to get you to where you will thrive. Sometimes it’ll guide you to do things that make no sense at the time. But if you follow your intuition, and do what it says, at some point down the road (days, weeks, years, decades later), you’ll come to find out that your intuition was guiding you all the way to where you needed to be.

Your intuition speaks to you all the time, either as a voice in your head or a feeling in your body. However, it can’t do anything to help you out if you steadfastly refuse to act upon what it’s telling you to do. There are perils if your intuition speaks and you don’t take action:

1. You’ll put yourself into situations that harm you.

It may be dangerous situations (with people/places/things) that actually put your life, health, and/or overall well-being in danger. It may also be in situations that harm you by:

  • dragging you further away from your goals.
  • sabotaging you (including self-sabotage).
  • keeping you running in circles/cycles so you never move forward in a straight line toward what you most want to have/be/do/say.
  • keeping you in the company of people/places/things that drain you (emotionally, physically, spiritually).
  • confining you to the fears and limits made up by yourself or by others.

2. You either won’t ever get to where you want and need to be or it’ll take you a lot longer.

You may be following the path you want/need to be on but won’t take the actions you need to take to keep walking that path. So you stall out and stay stuck, seeing what you want in the distance but not moving toward it.

Or it’s possible you may end up on a path you don’t even want to be on. Those are the worst paths to follow because you spend a lot of time, energy, focus, etc. and in the end wind up with something that doesn’t really matter to you.

Or you could also find yourself on a path that’ll derail you and send you spiraling backward instead of moving forward. That’s especially true if that path ends in some kind of injury, embarrassment, humiliation, failure, and the like.

3. You won’t ever reach your full potential.

You stay stuck within the confines of your comfort zone. You can’t ever reach all that you might have/be/do/say by hanging out within the boundaries of that zone and refusing to learn and grow.

You remain limited by the thoughts, ideas, fears, advice, (and on the list goes) of others. You’ll never realize your own full capabilities by looking outside yourself for guidance.

You let fear win. It’s been my experience that most of the time when you don’t act upon your intuition, the reason behind that has something to do with fear. And when fear is in charge of your life, you’re not empowered at all. Fear is calling the shots, deciding what you’ll have/be/do/say. That leaves you disempowered. That leaves you waiting for the fear to ease before you’ll take action. That’s not a place of strength for you at all. You’ll never find out all that you could have/be/do/say while you’re cowering to fear.


So will you empower yourself and act upon your intuition today (and every day)?


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